POST-CARE Instructions

Scar Revision

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The recovery period for scar revision is entirely based upon the extent of the procedure utilized for treatment. For injections, healing times will be much shorter, lasting only days to a week. Surgical treatment, or more in-depth approaches, will require more extended healing periods.


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Use Scar Gel
Use scar gel for 2 to 3 months, post initial healing.
Follow Wound Cleaning Directions
Follow post-care wound cleaning directions. Use diluted hydrogen peroxide 50/50 water mix, apply the mixture with a Q-tip or clean gauze pad to incision 2 times a day.
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Wear Sunscreen
Wear sunscreen, SPF 30 or higher.
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Drink and Eat Healthy
Stay hydrated and eat a healthy well balanced diet.
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be patient
Be patient with yourself, the healing process, and the showing of results.


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for 7 days
Wear makeup
If surgical scar revision was performed, do not wear make-up on the incision for 7 days or until the incision has completed initial healing.
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Swim or use saunas
Do not swim, use hot tubs, or saunas for 4 weeks.
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Absolutely no smoking. Any smoking delays healing, increases infections, and results in worse scarring.
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post treatment
Touch, Scratch, or Pick your Skin
Do not touch, scratch, or pick while your skin is healing. This can delay healing and increase scarring.
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for 2 weeks
Allow Sun Exposure
Do not allow sun exposure for 2 weeks. If you must be in the sun, you must wear a hat and sunscreen SPF 50.
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post treatment
Scratch or Pick
Do not scratch or pick while your skin is healing.



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POST CARE Supplies

Cetaphil cream cleanser
Hydrogen Peroxide
Stool Softener
Baby Shampoo
Ice Cubes