Similar to laser resurfacing and other laser or light skin treatments, IPL therapy can be utilized to aid in the improvement of conditions such as sun damage, appearance of veins, hair removal, and other skin problems.

Using a broad-spectrum of light, IPL targets any area that is necessary for treatment and wipes away blemishes by stimulating the regrowth of new skin cells as it destroys and removes those that are damaged. As a whole, IPL tends to be easier on the skin and will require less time for healing and recovery than other light or laser treatments.


Who is the Ideal Candidate for IPL?

The ideal candidate for IPL is anyone that is looking to improve the overall complexion of their skin, with the results yielding a fresher, clearer, and significantly more youthful appearance. As with other forms of light treatment, it is important that your overall skin health is in good standing.


IPL Procedure:

The treatment procedure itself is relatively easy and straightforward. Our certified cosmetic nurses utilize the best medical-grade IPL machines, so you can rest assured that your procedure will be done both comfortably and effectively.

During the procedure your nurse will utilize the IPL machine to target your specified areas. After using a numbing gel, the IPL device will trace the areas of your face, or body, that are being targeted. The machine will be set to a specific strength and frequency that is correct for you, to ensure that you are receiving the appropriate amount of light treatment. Understanding how to properly administer IPL therapy is of the utmost of importance, as this powerful form of resurfacing can easily be misused.


Recovery Period:

One of the benefits of IPL therapy is that it tends to require less recovery time than other forms of laser or light treatment. The light penetrates just below the surface of the skin and is very focused on the area that it is targeting; rather than resurfacing and removing a larger or more general area, IPL cuts your healing time by treating only those superficial spots that need treatment.

Generally speaking, healing will take just a few weeks (2-3 on average) and your IPL treatments can be performed about once per month. As for your overall treatment approach, we will advise you on how many total treatments you will need to effectively resolve your condition.



The results of IPL therapy are significant and very substantial. Immediately following your procedure, you will notice redness and sensitivity from those areas that have been treated, but over the course of the healing process you will notice a dramatic improvement in appearance, with exponentially greater results as you move forward will subsequent IPL sessions.