The Best Time For Plastic Surgery

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The holidays are in full swing, and everybody is enjoying the festive cheer! At The Esthetics Center, we love that this season focuses on being thankful and spending quality time with loved ones. It’s also a fun time for family gatherings and holiday parties. Whether it’s to look and feel your absolute best for special events or recover in time for summer, this is the most WONDERFUL time of year to visit the plastic surgeon.

There are five reasons why we recommend the cool, winter months:

Less Sun Exposure:

Whether you’d like to treat fine lines, diminish the appearance of dark spots, or revitalize your complexion, laser resurfacing can rejuvenate your skin. This treatment is best done during the winter when there are fewer hours of sunlight in the day, and the rays are weaker. C02 Laser Skin Resurfacing demands that you avoid sun exposure during recovery, which is much easier when the days are shorter, and you are spending most of your time curled up indoors.

Time Off Work:

The most expensive part of booking a surgery is not the procedure itself, but it’s the fact that people are not at work being productive. Fortunately, during the holidays, individuals have more time off, and leftover paid time off. Knowing that they can undergo plastic surgery without missing work encourages potential patients to get the dream treatment they have always wanted.

You’ll Be Ready For Family Gatherings:

Tis’ the season for upcoming family gatherings. Whatever the occasion, we want you to look and feel your best. Most patients opt to undergo surgery during the holidays because they want to look freshened-up for parties. Additionally, you will be ready for Christmas cards, pictures, and selfies that you take during each event.

Easier To Cover Up:

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures we offer during the winter months is liposuction. The desire to bundle up and recover indoors is of great appeal for many patients. Liposuction requires wearing post-surgical compression garments for several weeks after surgery, which you can easily hide under sweaters and comfy clothes.

Perfect Way To Enter Into The New Year:

The new year is fast approaching. Most of us are not even thinking about resolutions, just yet. Now that we have mentioned it, what will yours be? We want to help make 2020 your best year! Is there a dream procedure you have been putting off? Putting your best, YOU in the world can change your life. Not only will you have a clean slate from the previous year, but you can have a brand new look as well.

Cosmetic surgery in the fall and winter season makes sense for many reasons, so plan accordingly.

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