Skincare Resolutions You Can Actually Stick With In 2020

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Happy New Year (and decade)! 🎉

The whole New Year, new you concept is something that we all get hit with every year...

As we enter 2020, you may be considering your New Year’s resolutions...Have you thought about your appearance

While we totally support the commitment to eating well and staying active, we’re here to talk to you about skincare resolutions and easy changes you can make to your routine.

Before we share our need to know that the key to great looking skin is consistency; doing just a few of these things we’re about to mention, regularly, can make a big difference in your complexion!

So, without further ado, follow our advice below to achieve a more clear, brighter, and all-around healthier complexion in 2020. New Year, better skin.

Resolution #1. Wear SPF Every Single Day

We know you’ve heard it a million times, but it’s important enough to repeat. Sunscreen is non-negotiable. Here at The Esthetics Center, we recommend daily use of sunscreen, rain, or shine.

Resolution #2. Double Cleanse

Removing makeup in the evening and cleaning your face are two separate things, therefore deserve two different cleansing steps. If you don’t thoroughly cleanse (makeup wipes are not acceptable as a pre-cleanse in our eyes), all of the unwanted debris is going to sit on your face and block the follicles leading to irritation and breakouts. For the first cleanse, get an oil-based cleanser! Oils also don’t change the PH of the skin, so this step can and should be a part of yours! That makes it safe for sensitive, acne-prone, & dry skin! Furthermore, apply the 2nd cleanser, which should be water-based and specific to your skin type and skin concerns - see an Esthetician for this!

Resolution #3. Wash Your Makeup Brushes

Speaking of makeup concerns, it’s time to disinfect those makeup brushes. It would be best if you were cleaning your brushes weekly or monthly, at the very least. Makeup and oil build up on brushes can breed bacteria on the ends of the tools that are then transferred back onto your face.

Resolution #4. Stop Sleeping In Your Makeup

We all know sleeping in our makeup is terrible, but how bad is it? Sleeping in your makeup ages you seven times faster! By leaving your makeup on overnight, it can cause bumps and clogged pores, dull skin, puffy eyes, and generally aggravated skin.

Resolution #5. Drink More Water

Water is the most neglected nutrient in your diet, but one of the most vital. Drinking six to eight glasses of water a day is beyond important for your skin— hydration starts from the inside out.

Resolution #6. Organize Your Medicine Cabinet

This is your reminder to do a new year’s cabinet cleaning and toss out anything that's expired. Re-organize your medicine cabinet, so your daily products are in the closest reach. There’s no need to bring those oldies into the new year.

Resolution #7. Don’t Forget Your Neck!

Here’s the secret to a beautiful décolletage: do everything you’re doing to your face, to your neck. This means SPF, moisturizers, and retinoids too!

Resolution #8. Retinol

You’ve heard it before, and we will repeat it again....retinol. Everyone should be using some form of retinol, the best-being prescription strength. Retinol will stimulate cell turnover, keep your skin cells healthy and, in turn, provide amazing anti-aging results such as aiding with fine lines and wrinkles, brightening the skin and fading dark spots.

Resolution #9. Eat A Balanced Diet!

This is a no-brainer, but a balanced diet will be good for your skin and pays off dividends for your overall health long-term. Our skin relies on several nutrients to keep its glow and health.

Resolution #10. Get Some Sleep Too!

I’m sure a lot of us have put sleep on the back burner in the name of work and social obligations, but getting enough sleep is super important for nearly every facet of our health, including our skin. Try to prioritize it going forward.We would love to hear from you…which of these skincare resolutions resonate the most with you? Regardless of what your resolutions are, our team here at The Esthetics Center hopes this will be the year that you reach all your goals!

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