How Growth Factors Can Benefit Your Skin

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There is an active ingredient in the skincare scene that you might not have heard of: Growth Factors.

So what are Growth Factors?

Growth factors were first discovered by two scientists back in the ‘50s — and achievement that earned the duo the Nobel Prize in 1986, fueling a flurry of modern research.

Growth factors have been used in the medical and professional skincare products for quite some time now - yet, many people are unfamiliar with these magical little proteins and how they work.

What are growth factors, and how do they improve the appearance of your skin?  

Growth factors are proteins that act as communicators between your cells. They are vital to many important functions within our bodies, from our skin to our nervous system. Simply stated, they stimulate tissue growth and repair. Growth factors that are particular to the skin are known as epidermal growth factors (EGFs). They do cool things like stimulating collagen and elastin and increasing blood flow, all of which help our skin to appear firm and youthful. As we age (starting in our late 20s), our skin produces fewer growth factors.

Growth factors also help reduce inflammation and improve the healing process. In fact, growth factors were initially used to help burn victims heal more quickly. We recommend growth factors to help patients prepare for and recover from procedures like chemical peels, laser resurfacing, and even facelifts. But really, anyone over 30 can benefit significantly from using them topically.

One of the best reasons to use products with growth factors is that they are wonderful multitaskers - helping to improve skin texture, decrease lines and wrinkles as well as improve skin function and hydration. Skincare products contain growth factors that are derived from human or plant sources or that are engineered in a lab. The human-derived growth factors are the ones our own cells most easily recognize and work with, thereby making them the most effective. Additionally, well-formulated growth factor products are great for all skin types and pair well with other products.

SkinMedica makes a fantastic serum TNS Essential Serum that contains growth factors and an amazing blend of antioxidants, peptides, vitamin C, and hydration. Talk about a multitasker!! Good results are typically seen after 6-12 weeks of daily use.

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