Cheek volume and fullness is an important feature of the face that is often over looked, although it can have a direct impact on perceived age. Sunken or hollowed cheeks may be the result of genetics, or age-related facial volume loss. As we age, our cheek fat begins to sag, making the mid-face appear deflated and flat.

A deflated mid-face can make the eyes look tired and the face square, or "jowly."  Cheek augmentation remedies these issues through the immediate and permanent restoration of mid-face volume. Cheek augmentation is accomplished by placing implants constructed of silicon, porous polyethylene, or GoreTex. The material used depends upon the needs and goals of each patient; however, regardless of the material, the implants are permanent as they will integrate with the natural underlying bone. That being said, it may be reassuring to know that cheek implants can be removed at any time.



If you have always wished for model-like cheek structure, would like to add facial definition, or if you noticed the gradual onset of a “flattened” mid-face appearance, you may benefit from cheek augmentation with implants. Many of our female patients undergo this procedure because they are seeking a more youthful or feminine look, featuring higher cheekbones. On the other hand, many of our male patients choose cheek augmentation in order to achieve a more masculine, chiseled facial contour.

If you relate to any of these concerns, you are likely a cheek augmentation candidate! You will love your new cheek implants, as they instantly give greater fullness and definition to the cheek while still protecting a subtle, natural look. In addition, cheek implants can take the place of facial fillers as a more permanent means of adding facial volume. 



During the cheek augmentation procedure, we will use local anesthesia with sedation to ensure that you are comfortable throughout the procedure. The implants, which will be custom-fitted and shaped for your facial structure and the appearance that you are seeking, will be inserted through the interior of the cheek, via the mouth. This intricate process will ensure that you have no visible scarring, while allowing your doctor to have direct access to properly fitting your implant to your cheek bone.

Cheek implants are a great addition to another facial plastic surgery procedure such as a brow lift, rhinoplasty, facelift, or eyelid lift because they add volume and definition to your newly improved skin.


WHAT is the recovery time?

Following your surgery, you can expect considerable swelling and bruising. This is partly due to the fact that we will be reforming your facial tissue to accommodate the implant. We will prescribe pain medication for any post-op discomfort you may feel. Do not be concerned if you have significant swelling, as it will take several months for your swelling to heal completely. With this in mind, it will take a substantial amount of time for your fullest results to show, as swelling can distort your appearance. 

As for physical activities, you may resume them within one to two weeks, and this includes non-physical work. We recommend waiting three weeks before resuming light or moderate exercise because your body will need substantial rest to get you through the initial healing stages. Heavy exercise, including weightlifting and contact sports, should be avoided for six weeks.

Due to the physical strain and extended recovery period that this procedure requires, we do suggest that you plan the surgery with your calendar in mind. While you can return to work fairly soon after your procedure, it is important to remember that you will have fairly significant facial swelling for several weeks. 



All swelling should subside within seven months, allowing you to see your final results. Once swelling has subsided, your results will be permanent. The implants are designed to last a lifetime, so the material will not wear down over time, and your results will be maintained for life.