How To Keep Your Skin Healthy While Traveling

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Traveling is all fun and games until your face starts breaking out. It's no secret that keeping your skin healthy while traveling can be a challenge. Flying at 30,000 feet in a plane of dry air makes you more prone to dehydration, eye bags, and acne. Long story short, your skin suffers big time during travel. Fortunately, there are a few tips you can try, so you can arrive at your destination looking radiant, hydrated, and awake! Here’s how...

  • Moisturize. If you're going to follow just one tip in this post, let this be the one! When you are traveling, make it a priority to moisturize your skin. Keeping your skin hydrated will make you less likely to encounter an ugly breakout. Did you know that cabin air on planes is often less than 20% humidity? You’re flying in a sky desert, where the humidity hovers around 10-20% (drier than the Sahara!). Prevent unwanted dryness by applying a moisturizer before, during, and after your flight. Doing this will provide the perfect boost of moisture that your skin so desperately needs.
  • Drink Water. Although you are unable to carry a filled water bottle through airport security, you are allowed to bring an empty water bottle. On the way to your gate, be sure to stop by a water fountain and fill up your bottle. Don’t let the fear of getting stuck in a long queue for the bathroom or waking the person up in the seat next to you contribute to a desire to drink less than you usually would. Moral of the story is that it's crucial to take steps to stay hydrated to counter the effects of lower humidity.
  • Face Masks/Face Mist. We have another ultimate travel hack for you. Depending on your preference, give yourself the first-class treatment with a sheet mask. It’s easy, clean, and moisturizing to keep your skin in check! Leave it on while flying to hydrate and protect the skin from recycled plane air. For an even easier, more effortless way to boost your hydration, try out a hydrating facial mist! They are easy to use, easy to carry around, and they help to give your glow back during a long, dry flight.
  • Sunscreen. Make sure you’re still using sunscreen to protect yourself from damaging UV rays. Yes, you won’t be outside, but that doesn’t mean you should forgo your daily application. Plane windows do not filter out this light, so you’re still vulnerable, and even closer to the sun when flying at 30,000+ feet. Your skin is always exposed to harmful UV rays while on a plane. Apply a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect skin when seated near a window!

Don’t let the heights get you down! There are many ways to look and feel more hydrated, even on an airplane. Try out these tips on your next vacation -- happy traveling.

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