Improve Your Complexion In Just One Day

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Do you feel you’ve tried just about everything to get rid of your acne but still see blemishes? The effects are more than skin deep. Do low self-esteem and crushed confidence sound familiar? Sometimes we overthink acne, and it can be as simple as stepping up our cleansing of makeup brushes, cell phones, and pillowcases to reduce the breakouts.

Here are some skincare tips we’ve compiled to achieve clearer skin:

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1) Clean your phone daily - Did you know that your cell phone is dirtier than your toilet seat? It goes into the bathroom with you, you use it in the kitchen, and well, just about any other surface within arm's reach. Point being, sanitize your cell phone every day. Think about how many germs get on your phone and how you then touch your face.

2) Cleanse for 60 seconds -  When washing our face, we often focus on the same areas over and over. For example, we spend more time on the apples of our cheeks, the middle of our forehead, the sides of our nose. Make sure you take a little extra time to give your whole face some love! Don’t neglect your jaw, temples, or chin!

3) Change your pillowcase weekly -  We all love beauty sleep, but remember to change your pillowcase weekly! Taking time to implement this simple task regularly will help prevent the spread of bacteria while you snooze. All night, every night, your face is touching your pillowcase, causing oil and bacteria to transfer onto the fabric.

4) Wash your makeup brushes weekly - When was the last time you washed your brushes? Your skin may be crying for SOS! Although it can be a pain, it is important to keep your makeup brushes and applicators clean. Start every week on a clean slate by washing them.  

5) Stop touching your face - Avoid touching your face with your hands too much. Your hands may transfer germs to your face and lead to breakouts. If you participate in this unhealthy habit, oil either builds up and clogs your pores, or you end up rubbing the oil deeper and deeper into your skin.  

7) Avoid picking pimples - Avoid the 2 P’s and you will avoid the 3 P’s! Picking + Popping = Pimples! Picking and popping your pimples will lead to more breakouts and bad scarring! Avoid this before it turns into a vicious cycle.

8) Don’t use the same towel on your face and hair -  Have you ever used the same towel to dry both your body and face? I'm sure it's something probably all of us has done at some point in our lives if it's not something we do every day. However, you don't want whatever product is in your hair to end up on your face! It could clog pores and make you break out.

Clearing acne is easier (and cheaper) than you thought! All it takes is some TLC to clean up your skin. Follow these tips if you struggle with acne, and even if you don’t! These are tips anyone and everyone should use for daily cleanliness.

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