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$49 Emsculpt

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If you are looking for EmSculpt providers with excellent before and after results, we would love to see you at Esthetics Center. In the world of body contouring, fat-reduction gets most of the love and attention, but we are also proud to offer this relatively new treatment which helps build lean muscle mass and definition that would take months to achieve in the gym. EmSculpt is the most effective device in the world when it comes to building muscle. One session is equivalent to doing 20,000 sit-ups or squats! If you want incredibly fast results without having to spend months or years in the gym, then EmSculpt is the perfect procedure for you. It is the latest innovation in the world of esthetics, helping you achieve a fit body without needing extra time at the gym.


Lip FIller
$49 off
laser hair Removal
$75 off
Dermal Filler
$75 off